Jun and Carol Beach Cottages offers good room accommodations for overnight stays. All rooms are air-conditioned and with individual toilet and bath. JCBC can ideally accommodate 136 persons but when with extra beds, it can maximally accommodate up to 175 persons.

It has 6 beach houses for a total of 30 rooms.

  • The first one that was erected was the two-room cottage. The whole cottage can accommodate 8 up to 10 persons. It has a wide and spacious terrace.
  • The second building is the 7-room beach house. There are three rooms at the ground floor ideal for families. Rooms G1 and G2 can accommodate 4 adults and 3 children (has 3 matrimonial beds) or a group of six adults while four occupants each at room G3 (2 matrimonial beds per room). There are 2 rooms at the second floor and 2 attic rooms at the third level. One of the attic rooms has a private verandah. Here, the visual feast is no less spectacular. It is an exclusive and romantic hideaway.
  • The third building is the 5-room beach house. Restaurant at the ground floor, 4 rooms at the second floor and a single room at the third level with private terrace.
  • The fourth building is the 14-room beach house. There are seven family rooms at the ground floor and seven rooms also at the second floor. The fourth building can ideally accommodate 75 persons.
  • The fifth and sixth buildings are single room cottages. Room K1 can ideally accommodate 4 persons while K2 can accommodate up to 8 persons. All rooms are equipped with towels.

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